Letters from Our Recipients and Supporters ...

Dear Foundation Members:
My wife and I had the distinct honor and pleasure to attend the annual Purple Heart Dinner your group hosted last Saturday evening at the WF Presbyterian Church.  We were truly impressed with how well you had planned and organized the event, down to every minor detail.  It started when we arrived to find assistance with parking, being escorted to our specific assigned locations, and courteously welcomed by everyone we came in contact with.  The delightful meal was surpassed only by the wonderful program of events you had planned and presented for us.

As a veteran, I have never participated in any organized veterans activties until I joined the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  If for no other reason, it was worth my being a member just to have the opportunity to attend your event.  I do not even suggest that I speak for anyone other than myself, but I suspect I could find that the majority of my Viet Nam veteran comrades would agree with my feelings when I say, for the first time since I (we) returned from my tour of duty in Viet Nam, I felt like someone other than my family really appreciated or cared about my service.  The emotions of the evening were almost overwhelming to begin with, but as time has passed since the event, I have become more and more appreciated of your efforts.  I am extremely proud of my service to my country, but due to the political curcumfrance surrounding our wat at the time of my return, I was never able to publicly express  or exhibit my pride without feeling as though I would have to fight another battle here at home.  As a result of those unusual times, I have suppressed my feeling or any thoughts of participating in public events that would let people know that I was a Viet Nam Veteran.  That is until my joining the Military Order of the Purple Hear and then attending your special event.

In addition to expressing my gratitude for inviting me to your special event, I would like to encourage your continued efforts to recognize those who have given much in service to our great country.  I hope our nation will never again allow political agenda's to cause behaviors that make our veterans feel their service was not appreciated, or even worse, to be condemned for answer America's call.  Your recent efforts have caused this veteran to feel a sense of pride that I did not know I would ever be able to feel and I am confident your future efforts will be contagious in spreading that feeling to many other souls more worthy than I.  

Again, I thank each of you for all your work and I wish for you great successes in your efforts.  God bless you and God bless America!

With kindest regards and deepest respect,

Hartwell Wright

On behalf of the Purple Heart recipients who attended, we say a heartfelt Thank You to you and all that make it possible.  It was our Welcome Home parade for those of us who served in Vietnam.  It was great to have participated in the Walk of Honor and have a special place at the tables.  This was my first dinner and I will always treasure the memories of it and hope to attend again.  Again, thanks to all that make it possible.
Yours in Patriotism,
Jesus (Jesse) G. Torres, Adjutant
Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA 
Al Meyer Chapter 637, Hillsborough, NC

Wanted to thank you for including my father William Thomas at the Purple Heart dinner. My father was very honored. My entire family was there and we were greatly touched by reverence shown our veterans that night. Danny McKnight was a phenomenal speaker.  He spoke with understanding and passion for our vets. Just wanted you to know how much my parents loved the evening. Thanks again for everything.

“Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the Purple Heart has given of his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen.”

On behalf of the Additional Club Projects Charity initiatives of the Wake Forest Woman’s Club, we commend you for the work that you do to continue to bring the annual Purple Heart Dinner to Wake Forest in honor of our men and women heroes, from the local and surrounding areas, who served our country in the military in various wars so that we may have freedom of life. 
We look forward to volunteering each year at the dinner. The program is always so touching and meeting the Purple Heart Recipients is a joyful experience as we are reminded of their valor. 
This donation of $250 is awarded to you because I selected your organization, which is nearest and dearest to my heart, as was stipulated in our Additional Club Projects Charities requirements, to receive a donation from our club. 
My prayer is that you continue this very, very important and notable work for the community, and most importantly, to recognize, in perpetuity, the men and women who served in the United States of America military. 
With honor and glory, 
Hilda A. Parlér Wake Forest Woman’s Club Clubwoman of the Year 2014